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01. Strategic alignment

We start with a facilitated strategy discussion to ascertain organizational mission, vision, goals, and objectives, on which we base our organizational assessment

02. operational integrity

Our organizational assessment reveals how well systems, processes, technology, and jobs align with organizational mission, vision, goals, and objectives

03. objective perspective

Data, along with our objective analysis, drive the formulation of our recommendations and action plans in order to meet organizational goals and objectives

We Optimize Business Operations


Do you have the right people doing the right jobs to support your business objectives?


Do you have the processes to support the work being done?


Does your technology help or hinder your people to do their best work?


Do your systems support the people, processes, and technology to meet business objectives?

What You Can Expect

Our Process

gap analysis

We facilitate a strategy session with our clients to ascertain organizational objectives. We then conduct a gap analysis to identify the people, processes, technology, and system capacities and capabilities to meet those objectives

Roadmap planning

We co-create a roadmap with our clients. Through this process we are able to identify and advise the next best steps for the organization

Implement & Monitor

We work with our clients to implement the changes necessary to meet organizational goals and objectives, tackling the levers that will create the biggest impact with the least amount of disruption

Issues We Work With Clients On

Our Services

Transformational strategy

We follow and understand industry trends. We identify and align owner and organizational goals and objectives and advocate in the best interest of patients and clinicians to achieve outcome-driven care

operational strategy

We assess people, processes, technology, and systems to align with company strategy. We increase efficiencies in workflow and system processes to improve patient outcomes related to safety and quality initiatives

Human resource strategy

We assess the jobs required and the people in and outside of the organization to identify the right people to do the right jobs that meet organizational objectives

Mergers and acquisitions

We help make sense of offers regarding  mergers, acquisitions, strategic partnerships, or divestitures so you can know your options and can make informed decisions

organizational design

We assess the organization to identify if the right people are doing the right jobs to support company goals and objectives

Value-based care delivery

We help your practice understand, identify, and take steps to transform your healthcare delivery models to optimize value reimbursements and improve patient outcomes

Working With Us

How We Support You

We work with medical offices that are frustrated, overwhelmed, exhausted, or burnt out from the current system and ready to make a change. We are here for you. Let’s chat.

Phase I

Phase I: Clients recognize they need need help, though they may or may not know the specifics. This is our introductory phase and includes an organizational assessment, exeutive summary with recommendations, and blueprint for next steps. This is typically a one-time fee, based on the size of your organization, without a continuation requirement. We want you to have the necessary information to help you evaluate your options.

Phase II

Phase II: Clients retain our services to support the implementation process. In this type of agreement, clients pay a pre-determined monthly fee throughout the implementation phase. This includes providing change management consulting, leadership coaching, and organizational trainings. We will be with you for the duration.

Phase III

Phase III: Clients recognize they have specific and intermittent needs and may benefit from a retained services agreement. In this type of agreement, clients pay a monthly fee to have personal access to subject matter experts on an ad-hoc basis.