Someone who introduces strategies in the form of tools, methodologies, structure,
and/or frameworks to help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

If you’re here, it’s because you are experience a life changing event.  This change may have been decided by you, or decided for  you, but either way, you are seeking something to help you pilot these rough waters.  As a Change Strategist, Brigid E. Jones can help you navigate the chaos of the changes you are facing.

When you’re undergoing a life change, there are two major elements that need to be addressed, the practical side of change, and the emotional side of change.  Brigid offers a structure to guide you through this change, including tools and resources to help you navigate each of these different phases.  These tools are designed so that you have more energy and time to invest in the emotional realities of your new situation, and emerge empowered.

Combining her unique personal experience with background in nursing and an advanced business education, Brigid brings a distinctive approach to navigating emotionally-charged circumstances.  Her ability to apply practical business systems to these overwhelming situations offers her clients the ability to take control and emerge strong and empowered.