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Let’s work together to navigate the complexities of change, optimize your processes, and drive meaningful transformation in your healthcare organization.

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I empower healthcare leaders and organizations to drive strategic change, optimize operations, and innovate for success. My specialized insights and transformative strategies are tailored to physician groups, rural healthcare facilities, and small practices. Together, we navigate the evolving healthcare landscape for positive outcomes in delivery and management.

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A Tailored Approach

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, strategic change, operational excellence, and innovation are vital. As your dedicated healthcare transformation partner, I specialize in guiding physician groups, rural healthcare facilities, and small practices through these essential transformations.

My Approach:
My approach is centered around your organization’s unique needs and goals:
– Comprehensive Evaluation: I assess your organization’s people, operations, systems, and technology to uncover gaps and opportunities.
– Customized Roadmaps: I create tailor-made plans aligned with your vision.
– Expert Implementation: I partner with you to ensure the effective execution of your transformation plan.

Partnering With You

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Empowering Your Healthcare Transformation

Perspective and Commitment

A Consultant with In-Depth Industry Experience:
– As a consultant, I offer a unique blend of industry experience and consulting expertise to guide healthcare organizations through their transformation journey. My approach is informed by years of hands-on involvement in driving change from various roles within the healthcare industry.

Why My Perspective Matters:
– I bring a different perspective to the table. I’ve been where you are – on the front lines of healthcare, witnessing the evolving landscape, and recognizing the need for strategic change. My background as a change champion and contributor to successful transformations from within healthcare organizations sets me apart.

Understanding Transformation Firsthand:
– I understand the intricacies of healthcare transformation not just from a consulting standpoint, but from having experienced it firsthand. This allows me to provide holistic insights and practical solutions that address your unique challenges. I’ve been in the trenches, and I know what it takes to navigate the real-world dynamics of healthcare change.

My Commitment to You:
– My commitment is not just about providing recommendations; it’s about partnering with you to drive meaningful change. I leverage my deep industry experience to enrich your consulting experience, ensuring that my strategies are not only effective but also practical and actionable.

Transforming Healthcare Together:
– Join me in reshaping the future of healthcare delivery and management. Partner with me and benefit from a consulting expert who not only understands the industry but has actively contributed to its transformation.

Discover Your Motivations

Uncover the driving forces behind your organization’s success with strategic sessions, designed to identify and clarify your goals and objectives.

Maximize Impact

Unlock the full potential of your organization through comprehensive capacity and capability assessments.

Define Your Best Options

Discover and evaluate industry options that perfectly align with your organization’s goals, objectives, and capabilities

Drive Change

Empower industry-wide transformations encompassing systems, people, operations, and technology

Meet Brigid Jones, your healthcare transformation partner


Dear Healthcare Leaders,

Allow me to introduce myself – I’m Brigid Jones, the driving force behind JBE Consultants. Today, I want to share with you what sets me apart and how I can assist you on your healthcare transformation journey.

My Distinctive Approach:
At JBE Consultants, I bring a wealth of industry experience and consulting expertise to your service. What sets me apart is my role as a healthcare change champion who has actively contributed to successful transformations. I’ve been right where you are, fully immersed in the evolving healthcare landscape, recognizing the imperative for strategic change.

My Driving Mission:
My mission is clear and unwavering – to humanize healthcare. I believe that healthcare should be led by those who deeply care and by those who seek care. It’s not just about improving processes; it’s about enhancing the human experience in healthcare.

Real-world Understanding:
My experience in healthcare transformation goes beyond traditional consulting. I’ve lived it firsthand, tackling challenges from the ground up, and I understand the intricacies of translating vision into reality. I’ve navigated the complexities, identified opportunities, and delivered results.

My Pledge to You:
My commitment to you extends beyond mere recommendations. I’m dedicated to being your partner in driving meaningful change. My strategies are not just effective – they’re pragmatic, actionable, and tailored to your unique circumstances.

Let’s Shape Healthcare Together:
Join me in reshaping the future of healthcare delivery and management. Partner with JBE Consultants and tap into my wealth of industry understanding and hands-on experience. Your transformation journey begins here, and I’m here to lead you through every step.

Warm Regards,


Founder, JBE Consultants

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