Brigid E. Jones is a Denver, CO-based Change Strategist who applies practical, organizational solutions to personal change, providing others with the tools they need to navigate emotional turbulence in times of shock.  Her remarkable ability to address highly-charged emotional situations with specific, pragmatic, and effective solutions sets her apart.

Her personal and professional experience give Brigid unique insight into the challenges of navigating life change – both unexpected and of our own choosing.  After going through a divorce with two young children, Brigid found that while there were plenty of self-help books on the market, there were no tools available to help her strategize and address the practical steps of the change she was undergoing.  In her more than 20 years as a neonatal intensive care nurse, she has worked with parents who are immersed in various stages of grief, struggling to ask the right questions and map out the steps necessary to care for their children.

It was at yet another stage of life change, this time of her own choosing, that Brigid returned to school for her MBA.  During her studies, she found herself drawn to classes on organizational change and strategy, and she began to recognize that the same business systems and structures could be applied to life change, thus igniting her passion for creating practicable, useful tools for individuals undergoing the emotional challenges of change.

Today, Brigid offers a range of tools and resources that provide step-by-step processes for evaluating and implementing change, allowing those undergoing that change the relief of knowing their practical needs are being met as their emotional self struggles to right itself in their new situation.